GE Canada is the original provider of key tools and services for CANDU fuel channel installation and maintenance. Today, as GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (GEH-C), we continue to be ready-to-serve on site wherever and whenever customers require quality, expertise, and attention to detail.

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Working for the community and all of Canada

At GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada (GEH-C), we make products that support thousands of jobs across the country. We’re proud of our long history in Toronto and Peterborough and our role in helping those communities grow. We’re also proud of our long safety record – because nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees and neighbours.

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Recent News

GEH-C employees spruce up the Arnprior Marina

June 2015

The Arnprior Marina has a bright new look thanks to volunteers from GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada. Inside Ottawa Valley reports on the volunteer effort.

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Independent Soil Sampling Results Released

June 2015

Trinity Consulting, a Toronto-based environmental consulting company, recently conducted soil sampling at 49 locations on and near our Lansdowne Avenue facility. In all 49 samples, the uranium content was well below the acceptable standard published by the Ontario Ministry Of Environment and Climate Change. The results are similar to past results of testing reported by […]

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GEH-C Employees Support Volunteer Efforts

May 2015

As part of the city-wide Clean Toronto Together Event, GEH-Canada employees volunteered to clean city-owned property surrounding our Lansdowne Avenue facility. The April 17 spring clean-up event coincided with our second annual Goodwill Clothing Drive. All clothing collected will support the Goodwill mission to enable skills development and employment and work experience for those who […]

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CNSC Releases Results of 2014 Independent Environmental Monitoring Program for Toronto Facility

May 2015

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission conducts its Independent Environmental Monitoring Program (IEMP) to verify that the public and the environment around licensed nuclear facilities are safe. In 2014, air and soil samples were collected in publicly accessible areas outside the GEH Canada Toronto site perimeter fence. The IEMP results confirm that the public and the […]

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Environmental Monitoring


What is radiation?

Radiation is energy in the form of waves or particles. Radiation doesn’t just come from nuclear energy. It’s all around us – and we’re exposed to both natural and man-made sources of radiation daily. Heat and light from the sun are examples of naturally occurring radiation. Microwaves, radio waves, and television signals are other common forms of everyday radiation.

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